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Gandhara: Treasures from Pakistan

Magazin A4 / Issue 02/2009 Museum der Völker

Die unkeusche Göttin

taz.die TageszeitungMay 2009

London Babylon Exhibit

This review is unfortunately again relevant in the wake of the recent destruction of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud.

Vieles ist verloren: die Londoner Babylon-Ausstellung

taz.die Tageszeitung Dec. 2008

Azerbaijan – the Land of Fire

Azerbaijan presents itself in a beautiful exhibit – the highpoint being the original 7th c. Kitabi Dede Korkud manuscript. Yet Nagorno-Karabach remains unmentioned, as does the fate of the Armenian inhabitants.

Oct. 2008

Aserbaidschan – Land des Feuers

Nach Süden, Richtung Tod

Musings on an exhibition of coffins and funereal objects from 5thc. BC Paestum, Italy. The painted stone coffins depict men who have died in battle, the blood rite of men. Blood flows freely from male wounds and male bodies. Women, for their part, raise their bloodless arms in woe. Only the open pomegranates hint at more.

taz.die Tageszeitung Sept. 2008

Babylon in Berlin: Marduk Rules

A stroll through the Berlin Babylon exhibit with an eye for the women who have been left unseen.

Die Hure Babylon

The same stroll of the Babylon exhibit – this time in German.

– Catherine Framm & Brigitte Werneburg, taz.die TageszeitungJuly 2008

New Ireland – Where Are the Women?

World of the Shadows, the death rituals of the people of New Ireland, in the South Pacific. The souls of the dead enter the malagans, the huge carved masks, and are then free to move onwards.

To Hell! – A Journey into the Underworld of Antiquity

Persephone has lost her power, and the sirens as well, while the psychopomp Vanth is facing the wall and cannot be seen.